Looking for a great way to begin your outdoor adventure??

Look no further, Lac La Biche Sporting Goods carries great Yamaha products including side by sides, ATVs, snowmobiles, dirtbikes, generators and outboard boat engines for all your outdoor adventures. While providing you with all your servicing and repair needs to ensure your next adventure is a great one.

Side by Sides

Yamaha Side by Sides are built to conquer whatever obstacle you face while riding. They are backed by Yamaha’s reputation for quality, durability and reliability. So whether hunting, farming or playing in the mud find the machine that is right for you.


The difference between just plain tough and Real World Tough?Everything. Yamaha Grizzly ATVs have a proven track record of class-leading durability, off-road capability and comfort. With a mile-long list of exclusive features, engineered to tame the hardest-working farms and ranches, the most remote hunting terrain and the roughest, most rutted-out trails. Yamaha Grizzly ATVs.Built to tackle every test – especially the test of time.


For 60 years, Yamaha has been a leader in championship-winning race technology that trickles down into every bike it builds. From capturing the 2015 Triple Crown of MotoGP Championships to winning the past six-straight Pro AMA Superbike championships – including the first-ever MotoAmerica Superbike and Superstock 1000 titles – to claiming the inaugural MotoAmericaSupersport and Superstock 600 championships, Yamaha dominates the track – and the street – like no other. Welcome to the top of the food chain.

Power Equipment

Whether you need power for your RV, water pumps or a new pressure washer Lac La Biche Sporting Goods and Yamaha have you covered with all the latest technologies developed by Yamaha.


The snowmobile. Thousands of parts, expertly sculpted and crafted, working together in a union of engineering, precision and power. Turn the key and the engine roars to life. The track rotates furiously, voraciously grabbing any and all traction to propel you towards your intended destination. The suspension absorbs and responds to your every command. Yet, despite all the frenetic movement below, everything is calm up top. The silence pervades inside your helmet as you navigate your way, locking into ‘the zone’. You swell with confidence and believe that no matter what obstacle is encountered, you will overcome it. That is the feeling every rider searches for. To be the leader of a pack and the master of their machine. It’s when you conquer snow.

Outboard Motors

For more than 25 years, Yamaha has led the industry in innovation. With their wide selection of outboard motors you will be ready for your next outdoor adventure.

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