Honda is known for its dependability, and here at Lac La Biche Sporting Goods you can depend on us to give you the best service possible when it comes to choosing which Honda is right for you. Whether you are going mud bogging, trail riding, working on the farm, running your RV, mowing your lawn, or powering your boat we have you covered.

Side by Sides

You love being outdoors. You love playing outdoors, you love working outdoors. Looking for a four-wheeled buddy to help you enjoy your outdoor activities to the max? The choice couldn’t be any clearer: a Honda Pioneer. Why? Because you want a side-by-side that can be absolutely trusted to take you deep into the wilderness to the most isolated fishing camp, and you know that Pioneers are built to uncompromising standards of Honda durability, reliability and safety. Because you want a side-by-side that makes venturing over challenging terrain no sweat at all, and you know that Honda vehicles are renowned for their predictable handling and intuitive operation. Because you want a side-by-side that works as hard as it plays, and you know that Pioneers are built tough with commercial-spec utility capability.


You know exactly what you want in your next ATV. If you need a reliable way to venture deep into the backcountry or explore the trails with friends and family, your next ATV has to handle superbly and be a whole lot of fun to ride. If you need a helping hand on the farm, at the cottage or on the job site, your next ATV has to do the tough jobs without complaint, day after day, week after week. If you need a trusted teacher to introduce your youngster to the sport you love, your next ATV has to emphasize safety and be easy and confidence-inspiring to operate. With a wide range of models, Honda makes it easy to find exactly the right ATV for you. But choosing the right off-road machine is only the beginning; as you’ll soon discover all the ways a Honda ATV can make work easier and weekends more fun.

Motorbikes and Dirtbikes

At Honda, we don’t believe in limits. And neither do our riders. Which is why we have developed our range of CRF bikes to be able to take on the toughest, most challenging courses in the world. Precision engineered with unrivalled reliability results in less time in the garage and more time powering through dirt. Each bike is packed full of cutting edge features and proven race winning technology. Combine that with superb agility and light weight and they will keep you one step ahead of the competition, whether you’re a seasoned pro or climbing the ladder.

Power equipment Generators, snowblowers, lawnmowers

For over 50 years, Honda engines have carried a worldwide reputation for superior design, reliability and unsurpassed quality construction. As an innovator in engine and power equipment technology, Honda takes its responsibility to both its customers and the environment seriously. That’s why Honda power equipment products – generators, lawnmowers, water pumps, snowblowers, tillers and trimmers – are powered by reliable, fuel-efficient 4-stroke Honda engines.

There are several advantages to owning Honda power equipment products. First, they are easier to start and they don’t mix oil and gasoline, which makes them cleaner to handle and operate. They are fuel efficient, which means fewer fill ups and lower emissions. Plus, they provide quiet operation, ease-of-use, durability and dependability and reduced ownership costs.


Honda’s Marine engines deliver advanced technology for a maximum boating experience.. Whether you’re jumping waves on the high seas or skimming across a lake, tournament style, Honda outboards provide an unmatched combination of power, torque, RPM and fuel efficiency. Honda’s smaller engines come in a range of sizes to match just the right power with your needs. From canoes, small tender and inflatables, to aluminum fishing boats and sailboats, Honda has you covered with engines that are dependable, quiet and easy to operate. We’re also happy to help you with all your Honda service and repair needs.

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